Ora Good Cat test drives, proving the innovation of electric cars.

With the changing trends of the world, people have turned their attention to caring for the environment, affecting the behavior of using electric cars. As a result, the Ora Good Cat has become an electric car in which many people are interested because it is a car that uses 100% electric drive and is the first model to officially enter Thailand. In addition, when compared in terms of energy consumption, it will be worth much more than using a gasoline-powered car in the long run. And in this article, we have good news to share. For anyone who is deciding to buy an electric car like Ora Good Cat, you can come in for a test drive today at the GWM Amorn Ratchada, with iAm to give intimate advice and recommendations. It can be said that everyone can prove the innovation of electric cars by themselves. Follow the registration details here. 

Ora Good Cat ทดลองขับ ลงทะเบียน

What should I do in order to test drive an Ora Good Cat?

If you are one of those who are interested in Ora Good Cat electric cars today, you can come and test drive them at the GWM Amorn Ratchada, where the registration process is very convenient. This can be done through online channels, and with a few clicks, you can prove the new innovations in the automotive world. The procedure is as follows:

  • Go to the website at www.gwmamornratchada.com.
  • When entering the website gwmamornratchada, you will see the page “Test Drive.” Select the Ora Good Cat car model, then fill in the information and select the desired date and time. Then, complete the form and press the register button.
  • Just like this, you can come and experience Ora Good Cat by taking a test drive in a real car. at the service center GWM Amorn Ratchada on the date and time that have been made an appointment.

Ora Good Cat ทดลองขับ ลงทะเบียน

Just a few easy steps, and this is the end of Ora Good Cat registration for a test drive. Then, when there is an appointment date and time, you can go to the GWM Amorn Ratchada.

What makes the Ora Good Cat electric car special?

After completing the registration, it’s time to make an appointment to test drive the Ora Good Cat model, the Ora Good Cat 400 Pro, which is the model that is open for test drives at the GWM Amorn Ratchada. This is the option of this electric car that everyone will meet and can prove these cutting-edge innovations by themselves.

  • Use 100% electric power to drive, which is considered an important step in automotive innovation that no longer depends on oil.
  • The sophistication of the car under the concept of Retro Futuristic Design that combines the classics of old cars, fits seamlessly with modernity.
  • The interior of the cabin is outstanding and sleek, with the latest interior design, and comes with full facilities.
  • A cutting-edge infotainment system based on Android with a built-in Google Assistant without using the hands to touch various controls is another level of convenience.
  • 10.25-inch touch screen that can be connected to Apple CarPlay or Android systems, with a panoramic sunroof that can be opened and closed with electricity.

Ora Good Cat ทดลองขับ ลงทะเบียน

These are just a few of the Ora Good Cat electric car innovations, the Ora Good Cat 400 Pro, that are open for test drives only. Other models, there are plans to offer a test-drive registration service in the future. Customers can follow the news through the website. that is ready to provide service and advice, as well as providing information about all models of GWM cars, to ensure confidence in buying a car. So you can experience the performance of driving and the real design of the car. Give yourself a chance to discover better, cutting-edge technology. Unlock you to a complete Society 5.0 life in your own way at GWM Amorn Ratchada, or you can ask for more information at 02-513-8000 anytime.