โชว์รูมรถยนต์ไฟฟ้า ORA

Great Wall Motor (GWM) is a Chinese automobile manufacturer with a history spanning 36 years and established in 1984. The origin of the company name comes from The Great Wall of China, which is a historical landmark in China and is classified as one of the 7 wonders of the modern world. GWM is now China’s largest manufacturer of high-performance SUVs and pickup trucks. By 2022, over 1 million cars have been sold worldwide.

GWM currently has five sub-brands: Haval, ORA, TANK, WEY, and POER, which will be marketed in the following vehicle categories:

Haval – A sub-brand of GWM, primarily focused on the SUV segment. The Haval H6 has been the No. 1 selling SUV in China for 11 consecutive years since its first launch in 2011. Haval has sold more than 7,600,000 vehicles worldwide.

ORA – GWM’s electric vehicle brand was established in 2018. Ora Good Cat Electric Vehicle has awakened the electric vehicle trend in Thailand and has been well received by Thai people.

TANK – Premium SUV Brand that has popular models including, Tank 300 and Tank 500 that are very popular in China.

POER – A new pickup truck brand that was launched in 2021, focusing on the medium size pickup truck market.

WEY –  GWM’s luxury brand, focusing mainly on luxury crossovers and SUVs.

In Thailand, at present, GWM has 2 brands of cars for sale: Haval and ORA, which are available in 5 different models.


Haval H6 Hybrid – An SUV that comes with a 1.5-liter hybrid engine with 243 horsepower, delivering an excellent average fuel consumption of 19.2 km/liter along with the most advanced options and safety systems in the same class.

Haval H6 PHEV – GWM’s latest plug-in hybrid SUV with a range of up to 201 km in electric mode alone (NEDC standard).

Haval Jolion – An SUV with a modern design that comes with a 1.5-liter hybrid engine with 190 horsepower that provides quick acceleration to speed up and overtake instantly in every situation.

ORA Good Cat – 100% EV electric car that comes with a cute design and can run up to 500 kilometers (NEDC standard).

ORA Good Cat GT – A special edition of ORA Good Cat that comes with a sporty design. and two-tone alloy wheels with electric motor power of 171 horsepower.