TANK 500

Price List

PRO – 2,049,000 THB
ULTRA – 2,269,000 THB

TANK 500

TANK 500, the Luxury Off-Road SUV for Active Riders

The TANK 500 HEV is a premium off-road SUV built on the TANK platform, an intelligent off-road modular platform with high flexibility. It can support many types of engine systems of various sizes. It is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, working with an electric motor that produces a maximum total power of 350 horsepower and a maximum torque of 616 Nm. With 11 driving modes, there are a total of 2 models, the ULTRA and PRO models, and there are 5 exterior colors to choose from: white, black, gray, red, and the new crystal gray color (only for the ULTRA model) paired with a black interior color and two-tone blue-beige (only for ULTRA and Crystal Grey).

The body is spacious and the largest in its class. The dimensions of the car are 1,934 x 5,078 x 1,905 mm (width x length x height), wheelbase 2,850 mm, independent front suspension design, double crossarm, and multi-link independent rear suspension to provides road grip and ride comfort to meet both urban and off-road driving needs. for everyone in the family

The TANK 500 is created with a unique design philosophy based on the TANK brand’s DNA that is rugged but full of luxury and elegance. There is an automatic high-low lighting adjustment system, the function to delay the light after turning off the engine (Follow me home) with Daytime Running Light, LED fog lights, eye-catching vertical LED rear lights, and a hidden rear camera in the spare tire. The GWM TANK 500 also comes with electric side steps with the function automatically open-close when opening-closing the door. Moreover,  20-inch alloy wheels with 265/50 R20 tires deliver a luxurious image and reliable driving on all routes.

The interior of the cabin is opulent and contemporary but minimalist. a 14.6-inch multimedia screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a sizable 12.3-inch driving display. Additionally, it has a multi-steering wheel, paddle shifters, and a steering wheel that is electrically changeable in four different directions. Additionally, the GWM TANK 500 has features and accessories that improve the appearance and comfort of driving, such as 12 Infinity speakers with amplifier, premium Nappa leather seats, an 8-way power driver’s seat with Memory Seat and Welcome Seat, a 6-way power front passenger seat with an 8-point massage system for the driver and front passenger, and a third row passenger seat with an electric backrest. With a system to remember the setting value of the side mirror control panel on the center console, second-row passenger sun shades are available. Off-road driving control features make it simple to modify driving in various circumstances.

In terms of off-road performance, the TANK 500 comes with many intelligent technologies that help facilitate driving, including

  • Front & Rear Electric Differential Locks enhance the vehicle’s off-road capability in the face of steep slopes, mud, deserts, and other complex terrain with a power transfer mechanism, cooperating with the locking mechanism of the transfer case, which has a 3-lock off-road drive system for a great driving experience.
  • The system helps reverse the car in a narrow space (TANK Turn) after turning on the function. When the system detects too much steering intent, braking force is applied to the inner rear wheels to reduce the turning radius to help the car to turn in a narrow circle.
  • After turning on Off Road Cruise Control, the system automatically controls the engine and braking system to keep the car running at a low speed and at a steady speed. So that the driver is not distracted and increases safety by controlling the car in complex road conditions.
  • After turning on Wading Depth Detection, the system will estimate the depth of the water level and display the result of the water level accompanying the car on the center screen for the safety of drivers when driving through flooded road conditions.
  • Body Transparent System or the system recognizes the information of the area around the driving path of the camera around the car and creates a virtual panoramic image from the top view of the car in a transparent way to see the road surface below and shows images under the car and the front of the car, which improves safety and the driving experience.

There are 11 different driving modes available for the TANK 500, including standard, sport, economy, slippery, off-road (including mud, sand, and rock mode, 4L, 4H, automatic, and expert.)