Get to know ORA, a 100% electric vehicle brand from Great Wall Motors

Great Wall Motor invites Thai people to get to know ORA, the most eye-catching 100% electric car brand at the moment, which comes with intelligent and cutting-edge technology and innovation to meet the lifestyle and needs of consumers who are changing to a world that is driven by advanced technology and is more environmentally friendly. Prepare to announce the readiness for Thai people to experience each other closely soon.

The ORA brand was officially established on August 20th, 2018. It is the first battery electric vehicle (BEV) brand for Great Wall Motors, which is designed and built with innovative and friendly technology by a team of researchers, developers, and designers of quality and expertise from many countries around the world, including Germany, Austria, the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

Brand name ORA is pronounced like Euler, which is Leonhard’s surname. Euler is a world-renowned mathematician and physicist who is full of genius and whose work contributes to various innovations. One of the most reflective cars from the ORA is a new energy vehicle that is full of advanced technology and is intelligent. The ORA logo is designed as a circle nested within an oval derived from the exclamation mark(!). It represents Great Wall Motors commitment to creating amazing products that are ready to create something new and exciting for everyone to be a part of the world of electric vehicles of the future and experience endless excitement together.

An approachable appearance perfectly combined with modern technology makes it unique and stand out more than ever

The ORA brand is classified as a new electric vehicle, which makes it completely different from the original electric cars with a lifestyle look and design that makes it easy to access. It grabs attention by being a fashionista combined with intelligent driving technology perfectly. Thus, it hits the hearts of drivers, especially the new generation, with a stand for creating electric cars that are environmentally friendly but able to deliver driving fun on every route.

ORA brings a new look to the Chinese electric vehicle market

After Great Wall Motor announced the launch of the ORA brand in August 2018, it entered the Chinese market with the launch of the ORA Black Cat at the end of the same year. This is a new electric car that has been well received by the car market in terms of its modern design, stable car quality, and excellent driving performance. The ORA Black Cat can meet the needs of a wide range of drivers and can run up to 405 kilometers per charge, making the ORA Black Cat one of the most popular electric cars in China and able to sweep total sales of more than 100,000 units within a period of only 2 years.

?Later in the middle of 2020, the ORA brand diversified its product line with the launch of ORA. WhiteCat is a 5-door electric car that is characterized by a look that emphasizes design as being more advanced, strong with high-tensile steel construction, driving more than 400 kilometers per charge, sitting comfortably in a large cabin with high safety, and being a smart car that can be connected to the smart home system very well.

Making a new history for the electric vehicle world with ORA Good Cat

The ORA brand from Great Wall Motors continues to create a new phenomenon for the electric car industry around the world once again. ORA Good Cat, which was unveiled for the first time at the Chengdu Motor Show in mid-2020 in China and officially launched on November 24, 2020, comes with a distinctive look with a rounded look in retro style. The futuristic design represents a classic design that can be combined with the latest driving technologies in an amazing way. The ORA Good Cat has also been developed on the GWM LEMON platform, a flexible, lightweight, and intelligent modular platform packed with high performance and safety. The ORA Good Cat is a smart electric vehicle that not only looks good but is also packed with modern innovations. It has received a lot of attention in China.

Within less than a year, ORA has continued to generate excitement in the electric vehicle industry with the gradual launch of many new electric cars such as ORA Good Cat GT Mulan (name used in the Chinese market), ORA Ballet Cat (name used in the Chinese market), ORA Lightning Cat (name used in the Chinese market), ORA Punk Cat (name used in the Chinese market), and ORA Cherry Cat (name used in the Chinese market), each of which has a unique design and outstanding functionality full of bright colors, reflecting a modern image ready to truly meet the diverse lifestyles of the new generation.

These demonstrate the intention to develop the products of ORA, the popular electric vehicle brand of Great Wall Motors, which has firmly won the hearts of most Chinese consumers. In the past August, the ORA brand was able to generate sales of 12,163 units in the Chinese market, which had cumulative sales in 2021 of 71,961 cars, growing more than 316% from the previous year.

ORA’s success in just 3 years reflects the fact that electric cars are not the only trend in energy choice for vehicle propulsion, but also the transition into an era of merging evolution, art, and technology together. The goal is to deliver a lifestyle that is convenient, intelligent, safe, and environmentally friendly to consumers around the world.

ORA is ready to build the foundation of the EV ecosystem in Thailand, emphasizing its rise to be a leader in electric vehicles (xEV Leader).

Great Wall Motors has announced its strategy to be a leader in electric vehicles (xEV Leader) with the official launch of the brand earlier this year with Mission 9 in 3, which brought 9 models of cars into the market in Thailand for a period of 3 years. After the launch of the HAVAL brand, the all-new HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV was launched for Thai consumers to experience as the first model and received a great response from Thai people. By becoming the highest-selling compact SUV brand in August this year, the ORA brand will be the new brand that Great Wall Motors prepares to introduce into the Thai market. This will be the first time that the ORA is outside of China, with ORA Good Cat being the first to be introduced and prepared to launch for Thai people to experience closely soon.

With the announcement of Great Wall Motor’s main strategic plan to become a world-class car brand within the year 2025 with a global car sales goal of more than 4 million units, it will account for more than 80% of new energy vehicles. Therefore, bringing the ORA brand to market in Thailand this time is regarded as one of the important markets that will help Great Wall Motor drive toward that goal.

As the electric vehicle (BEV) market in Thailand becomes increasingly competitive, Great Wall Motors believes that ORA will become a game-changer for the Thai automotive industry for Thai people, further lead to in the ASEAN region in the future for sure, and confident that ORA will become one of the Smart Mobility Gadgets that will enhance the quality of life and create convenience for Thai consumers, including helping to stimulate and building the foundation for EVs Ecosystem in the country with helping to push policies and various infrastructures to happen in a concrete way In order to correspond with the development of Thailand into the new era of electric vehicle industry both in the dimensions of producers, supply chains and consumers in the future.

Great Wall Motor, as a Global Mobility Technology Company, is ready to create a new evolution for Thailand by delivering the best products and intelligent technology that is friendly to the environment. It comes with a superior driving experience for consumers, along with supporting and elevating the electric vehicle industry and the Thai economy to advance and grow sustainably.